Thursday, September 20, 2012

`*☆.¸¸✿¨¯`✿´¸¸.Fondant Tutorials #1: Barbie Doll Dress Cake Tutorial Step By Step `*☆.¸¸✿¨¯`✿´¸¸.

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I’m using only pictures for this one, hope they all speak for themselves. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them! XXX Barbara Hoogendoorn | Taart Nouveau | Netherlands

And this is mine, the techniques is not the same but got similarity just to get an idea how to ...As for the skirt i'm using this mold. Most important is creative ! creative 1 creative ! 

 And this is mine dedicated to my niece ...Alhamdulillah, berjaya juga akhirya :-


ini lah all my anak sedare, from left zizi the 'special guy', (Thank you Allah for that !), ChaCha 'The Tarzania' (kuat menjerit samapi pecah gegendang telinga ko !), Athira, anak sedare first yg versi ''giraffe', tinggi dari aku dah , Affiqa the 'birthday gegirl' merangkap partner gaduh si hazyg and Hazyq my only son (yeke re 'anak tunggal' ? ) hahahaha ...

Ada 2 missing 'comel' outta, 'Nurin and Juni' ...may be next time InsyaAllah ...depa tinggai jauh sket, so the korum tu incomplete ...

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