Here are a few beauty tricks that will make you look younger with just a sweep of a blush brush or mascara wand.

1. Keep your hair between your chin and your shoulders. Side-swept bangs and hair no longer than your shoulders will take off years. As for woman muslims this rule is exception ...But i think u'll need to determine the hijab color and pattern that will suits u best lain pakai cantik doesn't means u pun sama ...Most important, stay the way you are, u know urself best !!

Shoulder-Length Layered HairStyle ..Nice huh ?

2. Wrong lipstick shades can age you Another trick to looking younger is to steer clear of brown lipstick shades. Avoid matte lipstick as they tend to settle into your lip lines. Instead, try creamier lipsticks or glosses. (Glosses are especially youthful and make your lips appear bee-stung). 

Barbie Doll make-Up is the best to look younger ..all pinky-minky ..

3. Stick to creamy blushes and shadows Older skin usually means dry skin, so creamy blushes and shadows are your best bet. Also, powder blushes and shadows tend to settle into your fine lines and wrinkles, while creamier products “plump” up your skin.
it takes a make-up to look like unmake-up ... mcm x betul je ayat ni ...

4. Define those eyes Curled lashes immediately make eyes “pop.” One tip I love I learned from the editors of Allure: You can curl your lashes AFTER mascara application, just make sure the mascara has dried. I find lining my eyes helps make my somewhat tiny eyes look 10 times larger. I rarely leave the house now without mascara.

hah kan dah twisted tangan tu  ..

5. Don’t overpluck Once you hit your 30s, you’ll want to be careful not to overpluck your eyebrows since brows are less apt to grow back if you excessively pluck. Find out what you can do to fix overplucked brows.
nice eyebrow tho ..but gegirl or boboi huh ??? konpius haku ...

6. Try teeth whitening Over time, teeth may yellow from coffee, tea or red wine stains. You can whiten teeth quickly with over-the-counter products such as Crest Whitestrips.
 wah gigi putih mcm pearl ..but kat Mesia ni Whitening Cost is DISASTER..mahai giles ...dulu colgate ada product whitening tu ni xde ler plak ...membahayakan kesihatan ke?? alamak aku pernah guna ler :((

7. Stand up straight. Think about all the sexy women you know. They stand up straight and confidently. Not only will this make you look ten pounds thinner in seconds, it will make you look five years younger as well.

Body Posture Improved Yourself Confident ..orang kata pakai corset like PB (Premium Beautiful tu ..ntah ler, somesay plak nnt kene sakit belakang pakai corset ni ...ya'll gugel la for details k ...

8. Get a good night’s sleep Few things age you overnight more than a poor night’s sleep. Your eyes are puffy, your skin sallow and dull and your face sags.

wah, soothingnya tgk si boboi ni zzzz ...