Friday, March 23, 2012

╰⊰✿´•*¨*•.¸¸❥¸ Barbie in the Garden Again .. ╰⊰✿´•*¨*•.¸¸❥¸

Made out this cake for my neighbour last friday (23 march 2012) for her 13yo 'Umizatul Syahiida' sedapnya nama ..heheh ..leh dpt idea nk bubuh nama future anak ni :D

ni kira cake yg rushing jugak ni, janji siap udah ler, mlm tu buat nama dia dan baju Barbie siap2 ..nanti after balik keje senang sikit keje ...sib baik ada lebihan mousse coklat dan putih from previous cake, tempekkan je ...

Cake Type : Chocolate Sponge Cake
Frosting ; ButterCream, for recipes plz click HERE
Measurement : 8 inch square
Cake Themes ; Barbie Princess in the Garden

For sponge cake tutorial please click <<HERE >>

Every little girl loves dolls and if her birthday cake is designed like a doll then you can clearly imagine how happy and thrilled your little girl will be. So if you like to bake and decorate cakes, make a doll cake for any little girl around you on her next birthday. Below are some amazing tutorials for doll cakes. The basic step of making the sponges and doll dress bodice is almost the same. To make the skirts you can use a variety of different techniques.

To make this cake you have to bake cakes and then cut them in layers. Make a circle in each layer with a cookie cutter and layer the cake sponges with frosting in between. Wrap the lower part of doll in clingfilm and put in inside the hole. Cut the upper part of the cake in a curved manner and cover with pleated fondant sheets to make the skirt.

Tutorial from: good food shared
If you want to surprise your princess with a princess cake then go for this Cinderella cake that you can create with pale blue and white fondant by following the steps shown above.

Tutorial from: the cupcakelicious
If you want to get perfect pleats on a doll cake dress the best solution is to use a cake sponge baked in a fluted cake pan. Then make the skirt with pleated strips of fondant.

Tutorial from: leas cooking
Here is another character doll cake named as Tinkerbell. You can easily re-create this cake by cutting leaves of green fondant and flowers from colored fondant.

If you want to go for a ruffled version like these, then make ruffles by using a ball modelling tool on semicircular discs of fondant. The other way can be simply making pleats of fondant strips.
We wish you an über-enjoyable decorating experience!

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