Sunday, December 04, 2011

✿✿ Roses Cake - My Try N' Error Version ✿✿

I've baked this cake last sunday (04/12/2011), this is a try N error 'Sponge Cake' version and Shortening buttercream ..turn out the Sponge Cake not 'gebu' as what it should be and the 'Shortening' buttercream' version get me so so frustrated !! huwaaa ..:((, I've declared myself as a failure/loser in Sponge Cake baking !!! But i'll not stop here, will try somemore till i've got the RIGHT 'springy' texture/track !!

So, i just move on with The Roses Cake design that i just discovered lately from, just wanna try out the lovely design (but not the inside which is VERTICAL' layer ... Check out the Vertical Cake Tutorial HERE

Due to frustration, i try and try to make the transformation to the cake, just to please myself within ..huhuhu ...Start with the cute flower ....

This cake required a lot of ButterCream usage, it's about 5 - 6 cups of BC for the Round 8" pan .. I just 'rasmi' my 8" pan ..hehehe ..

and then the cute 'LOVE'...

and taraaaaa it goes ..the final touch !! ...BUT the only problem is the TASTE is NOT GOOD as it LOOKS !! ...Frust ..Frust ..Frust !!!

as for the 'Shortening Buttercream' that get me MAD about, i just combined another 1 Cup of Butter ..and then ..PERFECTO !! ..Shortening itself it's not stable i think ...better do the Butter + sugar Version or Butter + Shortening + sugar Version ...Different version of Shortening may click HERE

supposely i've made the Chocolate Sponge Cake not the Chocolate Cake ..huhuhu ..coz the texture as not 'sponge' as suppose to be !! ...may b got an error in my techniques or otherwise ...will try again and again ...InsyaAllah GOD's will !

Apa la ada pd rupa if the taste is 'TASTELESS', bkn x sedap, as not as should be !! ..try to make Sponge Cake but sort of jadik Chocolate Cake plak ...huwaaaa ...frust menonggeng la !!

this slice i'll take out and eat it, the rest 'kak pah' @ TONG SAMPAH punya bahagian kot !! hehehe ...mcm biasa la ...SEGAN nak bg kengkawan plak sbb takut kene kutuk ler plak, adess ...but still tgh fikir fikir lagik as i'm writing this KEEP-IN or KEEP-OFF

but one thing, i've nailed the design ..ciss, perasan !!, got to 'hide' the 'dead' space with the same swirl so that it's not obviously seen though !! Designwise A++

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