Wednesday, December 07, 2011

✾ ✿ ❀ Playing with Sugar Art .. Kreatif or Keras Tangan ?? ✾ ✿ ❀

Made this sugar art bee and bug last night ...just for my curiosity towards my talent in sugar art ..because last time i tried but haven't succeed ...and this time around i try to full concentrate and focus ! focus ! focus ! ..taraaaa, here it goes !! jadik ler ...

perghh !! it's so so tiring even to complete 1 bug ...ho ! ho ! ho !! ...just imagine the real baker done it for hundreds or more :D complete is 1 thing, to make it standardize is another thing and TO MAKE it DAMN SUPER CUDDLY CUTE is the MOST IMPORTANT thing ...AARRRGHHHHH !!!

I've got an idea to make it couple though ..hehehe!!. believe me short FINGERNAILS helps !! I think to be success in Sugar Art is the power to VISUALIZE the thing from every angle indeed ! If so, then only the figurine will cute and 'gojes' ..

We've called 'JULING' LadyBug couple ..Just use WATER to make it attached together, some use WATER + SUGAR or EDIBLE GLUE though ..

Put on the palm ...kekonon zooming perasan cute ler tu !! Ciss ! Will try more and more again to regain the WOW FACTOR like Simon Cowell 'X Factor' !!!

Lonely buzz bee ..sob ! sob ! sob !. The putih2 is cornstarch flour (works better than icing sugar i think !! ) ..will dissappear after you put on fridge or u may dunk a small brush in a plain water and just wipe it off it BUT beware of the color distortion !!

4 alltogether !! .. Will try somemore ...there's a video on youtube if you wanna see how to make the figurine ..esp the one that 'harder' to make it like Lion, Moo Moo and Jumbo ...

learn to make fondant winnie the pooh here

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A few baker blog :-

 2nd time around made the buzz bees, hmmm well done ...the more practise the more cuter it seems !

so do the ladybug, this time around mata dah x JULING lagik ..hahaha ...

 Butterflies also, amik kertas keras lipat dua and then put the butterflies in between supaya wings dia jadik mcm tu ...that's the way it is ...

add another 2 frienz, dah ramai korum dah ..

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